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Meet The Pro: Joe Carville

If you've ever visited Antlers Country Club, chances are you've had the pleasure of meeting their golf professional, Joe Carville, who exudes a love for the game that started at a young age, which has now become a fulfilling career.


Joe's introduction to golf came through his father, a dedicated golfer and a member of Antlers Country Club. Joe reminisces about the fond memories of his father dropping him and his brother off at the 100-yard marker of the course, telling them to "have at it."


They would then pick their favorite famous golfers and pretend to be them for the day, putting around and having friendly contests. Those early experiences sparked a love for the game in Joe that would stay with him for life.

As he grew older, Joe took golf more seriously and began working at Pine Brook Golf Club in Gloversville, where he learned the business side of the game and honed his skills in teaching. 

Joe Carville Anlters Country Club

"I took golf more seriously when I realized I was too small to play varsity football. I took a job at Pine Brook Golf Club in Gloversville and started learning the game's business side and teaching. I fell in love with the atmosphere of golf," he shares. Joe moved to Myrtle Beach for three years. He joined the Golf Academy of America, where he obtained an associate's degree in Business with a concentration in golf complex and is now pursuing his official PGA status. 

Since then, Joe has been teaching golf for the past decade, with a passion for teaching beginners, guiding them through the fundamentals of the game, from etiquette to playing a full round of golf.

When asked what he enjoys most about working at Antlers Country Club, his answer is simple: "The people." He is drawn to the optimism and camaraderie that golf brings, and he relishes connecting with different individuals before a round of golf. "I love seeing how the game can bring so many different people together from all walks of life. It's a lifelong game, and having different conversations with different people is special to the game," he explains. Golf, for Joe, is not just a sport but a unique social experience that fosters connections and friendships.

As for what sets Antlers Country Club apart, he is quick to highlight the course's unique features. "You can feel the history here. It's a real northern course. Each hole is unique. We have holes here that you won't often see at other courses. The challenge of this course is unique but accessible to all players and abilities. We're constantly changing and updating the course to help with accessibility, and the layout – especially our greens – are some of the best in the area. You will use every club in your bag, which I really appreciate.”

Looking towards the future, Joe is excited about the new owner's vision for Antlers Country Club. "I'm excited for the new ownership and their vision, the conditions of the course, and bringing back the 'Country Club' feel. I look forward to returning to the roots of what made this place so successful. Being here on the ground floor and seeing the rebrand and the vision for the future is very exciting."

Joe is thrilled to be part of this new chapter and witness the club's rebranding and revitalization. He mentions the palpable excitement among the club's members and staff, and he wholeheartedly believes in the bright future.

Whether you're a seasoned golfer or new to the game, a visit to Antlers Country Club promises a unique and enjoyable experience. Be sure to swing by the Pro Shop and introduce yourself to Joe!

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